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Is your company strapped for cash, struggling to get by, or unable to grow because customers are taking too long to pay for work you’ve already done or goods you’ve provided? Put your receivables to work for you and get an instant cash flow injection with invoice factoring from Sunrise Capital Funding Network.

We make it easy to get started with invoice factoring. Tell us a bit about your business and we’ll provide you with a FREE personalized funding estimate.


Invoice Factoring is Your No-Debt Solution to Cash Flow Problems

Sometimes referred to as accounts receivable financing or A/R financing, invoice factoring shortens the span between completing work or delivering goods and getting paid for it. Unlike traditional business loan providers that may force you into an endless debt cycle with fees and interest, invoice factoring companies simply pay you for your unpaid invoices and then collect from the customer. There’s nothing to pay back because you haven’t borrowed anything. Think of it as an advance.

Best of all, you’re free to use your cash injection in whatever way you think it will serve your business the most. Cover payroll, purchase new equipment, pay your own venders, or invest in growth—the options are limitless. Invoice factoring relieves you of cash flow worries and chasing payments, so you can focus on your company.


Experience the Difference with Invoice Factoring

Instant Cash

Invoice factoring companies cut through red tape to get you money faster than traditional lenders can. At Sunrise, we’re happy to fund you the same day you submit invoices.


Factoring is not a loan. You’re essentially selling your unpaid invoices, so there’s no debt to pay off later.

Easy Qualify

You can still qualify for factoring even if you don’t qualify for business loans or lines of credit.

Streamlined Collections

Invoice factoring companies collect for you, so there’s no more waiting for payment or chasing invoices.


Accept orders from larger accounts or win more bids by offering customers favorable invoicing terms to increase revenue and profit dramatically.


Invoice Factoring Services from
Sunrise Capital Funding Network Deliver Even More Value

Sunrise Capital Funding Network has earned a name as one of America’s leading invoice factoring companies by going above and beyond to help our clients thrive. As a client of ours, you’ll receive access to a comprehensive program designed to accelerate business growth.

Same-Day Funding:

Receive your payments the same day you submit invoices for processing.

Customer Credit Checks:

Know your customers are creditworthy and will pay on time.

Back-Office Support:

Free yourself from unnecessary burdens and payroll costs—the Sunrise team can handle billing and collections for you.

24/7 Online Account Access:

Leverage Sunrise's real-time reporting system to access your personal account information anytime, day or night.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Connect with a professional who understands your business and is happy to help whenever you have questions or concerns.

Funding Flexibility:

Stay in control of when you factor and which invoices you factor plus receive immediate credit increases as you grow.

PO Finance Programs:

Access the funds you need to fulfill orders, take advantage of volume or early payment discounts, and more.

Business Advisory Services:

Tap into 50 years of combined management experience in the banking industry with management consultations at your request.

Direct Line to the Top:

Receive fast decisions and access to help when you need it most—Sunrise is locally-owned, and ownership is in the office daily.


Sunrise Capital Funding Network Can Take You Where You Want to Go

Sunrise’s keen understanding of what it takes for businesses to thrive and robust programs were developed over the course of many years. Perhaps much like your organization, Sunrise started out quite small with the singular goal of providing a simple, fast, and reliable funding solution. Now, with decades in the industry and more than 100 years of combined finance and accounting experience, we’ve organically grown into one of nation’s foremost invoice factoring companies. We know what it takes to make your company thrive because we’ve not only created dramatic results for our clients, but for ourselves as well. We’d be honored to put our unparalleled expertise and dedication to work for you too.


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